Traditional easter fire!


As seen in this post, Sanguinisliquidum, will be shorted down to SNL or The Liquid~

Happy easter!

Happy easter!

How ask tumblr’s answers are made



A little infographic made by me for people who don’t know and are wondering about what happens “behind the scenes”.

If you see any mistake, forgive me: I’m Italian. Instead, help me to correct them.

If you cannot see the image, try this link:

If you turned into a girl and was on your "cycle" how would you react

I would flip all the tables! NOW I HAVE TO BUY NEW CLOTHS! GAAAAAAA

If your face was your butt and your butt was your face, how would you react?

if i was born that way, i am pretty sure i would think why everyone else looks so weird! buuuuuuuuuuuut if it just happens by magic i would probably freak out and want them to change it back




Celestia / Chrysalis Commission by murries

Who the heck is Murries?